Test Case Design & Optimisation

Computer aided test design techniques have the potential to substantially reduce the number of test cases and increase overall risk coverage. Minimum ongoing test case maintenance results in increased efficiency and a reduction in costs. 

It is widely known that the quality of the output is determined by the quality of the input, yet a surprising number of organisations don’t concentrate their effort on both the quality and quantity of test data. Test case design is a fundamental basis of optimising test capability. We work with you to minimize your ongoing effort and increase risk coverage to deliver tangible and ongoing savings and efficiencies across your organisation.  

Through the application of proven techniques such as Linear Expansion developed by our technology partner Tricentis  and delivered by our skilled trainers, we can help drive efficiencies into your IT programmes. Our goal is to help you achieve truly efficient, well-engineered test suites that are fit for purpose. 

In a world that is increasingly time-poor, it is organisations that can release high-quality software at speed to keep up with the demands of today that are realising the greatest success. 

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Our smart solutions are designed for everyday challenges. We are experienced in this approach and our range of services can be tailored depending on your specific organisational needs, including pilot, ongoing support and training courses or workshops. 

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