QA Consulting & Engineering

Our team of highly experienced consultants and QA Engineers will work with you to design robust, pragmatic, real-world programs that enable the delivery of high-quality software.

Many organizations are shifting from a Waterfall model of software delivery, which is heavy on manual testing, to an Agile or DevOps model.They are doing this because Waterfall is slow, costly and high risk. Organisations that continue to use legacy software development approaches risk being left behind commercially as competitors reap the benefits and advantages technology brings.

Typically, when organizations start the transformation to Agile and DevOps they find that their manual approach to testing is a bottleneck. We assist our clients in the transformation by providing modern software testing and quality engineering techniques, such as Test Automation and Test Design Optimization, which removes the bottleneck.

We operate a consultative model, partnering with you to understand your in-house capability, systems, characteristics and challenges. We bring proven best-practices combined with a tailored approach to develop robust and comprehensive quality assurance solutions. It is this approach that has enabled us to assist many organizations around the globe to successfully implement testing systems that have driven significant cost efficiencies, reduced risk and workloads, increased stakeholder engagement and positively impacted bottom lines resulting in better business outcomes. 

We provide a range of technical services and our flexible engagement model brings together the appropriate professional and technical solutions to form a customized package. These can be supported by talent from our resourcing solutions

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