Our Culture

Collaboration is a cornerstone of TTC. We operate as a team and utilise our collective knowledge and expertise to constantly achieve significant and consistent results for our clients.

TTC is all about people 
We truly believe in our quality processes and technology and they have proven themselves time and time again, but it is our people that engineer and deliver great results for our customers. We work hard on making TTC a supportive, encouraging, optimistic and innovative place to work where people can learn, genuinely make a difference and improve their own and their customers’ lives. 

We are here to to optimise our customers’ testing capabilities so they can achieve better business outcomes, to bring down the cost of IT delivery, increase risk coverage and introduce real ‘time to market’ advantages into IT projects. Being a specialist testing company, we are laser focused on quality initiatives and innovating in this space. Many ‘testing’ companies have a much broader mandate which, in our opinion, dilutes their ability to attract niche talent and drive innovation into the market.


What we value
Broad ‘value statements’ are often no more than market positioning. Our values have been captured through a collection of statements that we believe in and deliver to every day:

  • Positive, thoughtful and passionate in everything we do
  • Appreciate and respect our people and clients and align their interests with those of our company
  • Honest and open, we uphold our commitments
  • Our team is supported to continually look at better ways of doing things. We actively sharing these learnings across the company
  • Fun, friendly and caring

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