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7 Critical Continuous Testing Success Factors

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TTC and Tricentis have worked together for many years in assisting organizations around the world with continuous testing transformations. While there are always variations with each new project we undertake, there are also consistent themes that appear within the organizations that have most successfully modernized testing to meet the needs of agile and DevOps environments. 

We took a closer look at these common themes so we could share with the broader community what the success factors are when transforming testing with Tricentis Tosca. To qualify our findings, we conducted interviews with recognized test leaders and practitioners around the world and undertook research and qualitative analysis. The outcome of our research was findings on seven critical success factors when undergoing continuous testing transformation.

In this seven-part blog series, we’ll share our findings and demonstrate how Tricentis Tosca can be used as a catalyst for not only transformation efforts, but also elevating your QA team’s visibility and the importance of software quality as a strategic business priority.

Success Factor One: Organizational support is critical

Continuous Testing transformation is often one element of an organization-wide effort to modernize business strategy and process. It does not happen in a vacuum and requires commitment from executives and peers across the organization.

100% of the organizations we surveyed responded that that executive support from the CIO or one of their direct reports is critical to successful testing transformation.

The strategic direction is set at executive level, but the participation in new initiatives and influence of the wider team is often made by those at the coalface. The organizations we interviewed that experienced the greatest success were those that undertook significant initiatives to evangelize testing transformation efforts and increase adoption rates for new tools and processes.

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