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Migrating off Legacy Test Management Tools

Webinar Recap: Migrating off legacy test management tools

We’ve written a lot lately about the fact that many organisations are still using legacy software, which does not scale well and causes a significant bottleneck in the delivery pipeline.

Part of what TTC does is help organisations identify and implement relevant technology to modernise their development and testing processes. We’ve recently partnered with QASymphony and are working with a number of enterprises to replace their outdated legacy testing tools with qTest, QASymphony’s test management solution.

qTest provides robust functionality that enterprise companies require today, including support for agile development methodologies, DevOps delivery practices, flexible integrations with open source automation tools and more.

QASymphony has recently merged with another of TTC’s partners, Tricentis; a global leader in the Gartner quadrant for test automation with its product, Tosca. TTC has helped implement and enable the successful execution of both qTest and Tricentis Tosca globally.

 We recently co-hosted a webinar with QASymphony to introduce qTest and talk about how we can support enterprises migrating off legacy test management tools.

 Speakers from TTC and QASymphony covered the following topics:

* Introduction: Who are TTC and QA Symphony?

* Who can benefit from qTest?

* Market trends: What new developments are shaping the way teams work?

* Hurdles typically faced in replacing legacy test management

* Migration deep dive: How are leading enterprise companies making the switch?

* ABC Supply customer story: Successful HP Migration

* Ease of integration: How can having a services partner like TTC make this process seamless?

If you are unfamiliar with qTest or are considering migrating off legacy test management tools, we recommend you view a recording of the webinar.