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TTC at Tricentis Accelerate SF 2018

Accelerate SF

Last month, TTC attended the 2018 Tricentis Accelerate Conference in San Francisco, CA as a Gold Sponsor, with members from both the US and New Zealand offices there representing us. Set at the Hyatt Regency near the waterfront in downtown San Francisco, it was an excellent couple of days filled with insightful talk sessions and Tosca success stories. It was also a wonderful opportunity to network with other Tosca users across a variety of industries. 

Exhibiting at Accelerate was a variety of vendors ranging from consulting services to products offering complementary functionality or integrations to Tosca, to booths represented by Tricentis showcasing the variety of functionality and services they offered. In the center of the conference space, Tricentis created a common area filled with candy, a ping pong table (which was well utilized!) and even t-shirts printed to order. 

Accelerate 3b

Accelerate provided an opportunity for all attendees to listen to presentations and ideas from a variety of experts in the software development space, including a talk by TTC’s US CEO and Executive Director, Chris Rolls. Many presentations, such as “Enterprise QA Automation and Transformation” given by Vantiv (now WorldPay) discussed the successes and accomplishments teams have able to achieve by using Tosca. 

Additional conference presentations included a “Great Debate” on who is primarily responsible for software quality, and a final presentation providing insights into artificial intelligence and test automation. Whether you were an advanced user or someone very new to Tosca and looking for more information, there was something to be gained by everyone. Some of the Accelerate 2018 San Francisco speakers are featured on the Accelerate website.

The conference also allowed for further networking and discussions during happy hour, the first of which was sponsored by TTC. Participants could continue discussing the topics of the day over drinks, snacks, good music – and more table tennis! 

If you are interested in attending an Accelerate conference, you still have another opportunity in 2018 at the event in Vienna, Austria on October 9-10. TTC will be there so make sure you stop by our booth and say hello!