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TOSCA Testsuite awarded top honour..

Regardless of your software-testing background, it is important to always have your skills up to date and in line with industry standards.

TTC is fully supportive of this approach and offers a range of different training opportunities to our customers. Included in this is the full range of certified courses for the TOSCA Test Suite from Tricentis. With this in mind, it is pleasing to report that the TOSCA Test Suite has been recognized as a leader by the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Software Test Automation 2015.  http://www.tricentis.com/resource-assets/tricentis-a-leader-in-gartner-magic-quadrant/

CEO of Tricentis, Sandreep Johri explained that it was an indication of how the solution is viewed by the IT industry.

"Tricentis is proud to have been rated as the top functional test automation tool of 2015 by IT Central Station. We are also extremely pleased to have IT Central Station and users recognise Tricentis TOSCA Testsuite as a market-leading testing suite," he said in a March 9 media statement.

"We enable enterprises to achieve extremely high levels of automation with their software testing, which is critical in enabling them to rapidly deliver their mobile, web and cloud applications to market."

Tricentis' testing solutions help to minimise business risk as well as assist enterprises reach test automation rates of close to 95 per cent. As testing software becomes even more important over the coming years, the company suggests that individuals take up the TOSCA training courses to position themselves with the necessary tools.

Where TTC fits in..

We have a long and productive relationship with Tricentis and welcome this accolade. As mentioned above, this connection allows us to provide some of the best learning experiences for individuals to pick up basic and advanced TOSCA Testsuite.

What options do we offer?

  • TOSCA Certified User Foundation Level – TCUFL

Perfect for those new to the world of software testing, this course teaches the principles behind model-based test automation and the advantages of this. 

Other topics covered include how to create automated test cases, how to maximise reuse through central management and how to implement dynamic data-driven testing. At the conclusion of this three-day course, individuals are given a certification examination.

When they pass, they receive the TOSCA Certified User Foundation Level accreditation and are ready to move onto more advanced training opportunities provided by Tricentis and offered by TTC.

Learning outcomes..

  • TOSCA Technical Training – TTT

This three-day course allows individuals to learn about how to influence the control sequence during test execution and demonstrate specific changes in workflow.

TOSCA's technical training uses practical exercises, where students are taught about how to apply technology-specific customisations for a positive software test. This is often necessary so is an important concept in the world of software testing.

  • TOSCA Certified Administrator – TCA

In this particular offering, students learn about the ins and outs of becoming a test administrator. The role is crucial during software testing as they are responsible for the configuration and maintenance of TOSCA Testsuite projects.

Using hands-on examples in a workshop-style setting, students are able to practice their skills in a responsive environment. Our industry experts are available for input as individuals work through each part of the six-point agenda.

TOSCA remains one of the world-leading providers for software testing solutions and as such TTC remains committed to our relationship. Contact us today for more information of the training opportunities available or to register your interest with our expert consultants.