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SE Asian software market continues to grow..

South-east Asia is becoming one of the go-to areas around the world for businesses. With vast populations and high technology usage, Singapore is part of a region making big waves in the global software market, as underlined by International Data Corporation (IDC). According to a media statement published in early 2015, the software-defined networking (SDN) market is set to exceed the $1 billion mark in 2018 in the Asia/Pacific excluding Japan region (APEJ). From a base of $6.2 million recorded in 2013, the market is expected to explode as more businesses invest in software and technology.

Benefits of SDN

There are many benefits to SDN from the end-user point-of-view. However, many are put off by migration from a legacy platform to the actual SDN. This highlights the need for adequate testing and consultation by an expert provider such as TTC.

Surjyadeb Goswami, research manager, APEJ Enterprise Networking at IDC explained SDN in more detail..

"Software-defined networking is a means to a desired goal, rather than an end or solution in its own," he said in the statement.

"It is essentially an architectural model that can help to better align network infrastructure with the needs of application workloads through the delivery of automated provisioning; programmatic network management; application-oriented, network wide visibility; and smooth integration with cloud orchestration platforms."

Mr Goswami went on to talk about the role that providers - like The Testing Consultancy - play in ensuring that SDN are established and implemented properly.

"As Asia/Pacific enterprises start embracing SDN, leading networking and IT vendors in the ecosystem need to play a pivotal role in educating their channels and customers on their SDN migration roadmap; while the start-ups will continue to collaborate with other players in the ecosystem and bring in more innovative approach to address end-customer challenges in their SDN journey," he said.

IT budgets also grow in region

Another IDC media statement from a month later also helps the argument that software and technology is playing a larger role in the south-east Asian region.

According to a survey, which polled 650 delegates of IDC Financial Insights' eleventh annual Asian Financial Services Congress, 40 per cent of decision-makers are expecting to see IT budgets grow by at least 10 per cent this year.

In fact, 33 per cent forecast budgets to decrease over the same time period.

Software used by financial services businesses such as banks and insurance brokers are vital given the amount of important data stored in mission-critical enterprise systems. This survey result shows that companies are committed to improving these systems for the sake of their clients and customers.

"As many of our leading FSIs have demonstrated, the hallmark of a truly 'innovative' organisation does not lie in a complete departure from legacy systems or practices, but in renewing them through the right technological acquisition, thus creating new synergies which are still firmly anchored to the existing business," Sui-Jon Ho, market analyst at IDC Financial Insights said.

From a software point of view, south-east Asian financial businesses are looking at changes to their vital systems. However, the key will be to find support that can make the changes as smooth as possible.

TTC - Asia

In October 2012, TTC expanded in the Singapore market and is committed to helping local companies and government agencies with their software testing requirements.

Our Singapore office provides three different offerings to the community. This includes packaged offerings based on individual test strategies, training and education and bespoke consultancy. Our experienced Singapore team is ready and waiting to help on any aspect and is happy to speak with you in more detail to narrow down your requirements.

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