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Singapore: The world's first Smart Nation?

Singapore continues to remain a hotbed of technological advances, with the country leading the way in Southeast Asia. 

Despite occupying a similar size land mass to Micronesia and Tonga, the nation of 5.5 million emphasises smart technology and new innovation with enthusiasm. In fact, the country's GDP has accelerated rapidly since 2007 averaging 4.84 GDP growth through until 2015, according to Trading Economics.

Smart Nation?

Given those statistics, it isn't surprising to hear the claims from the country's Prime Minister at the Smart Nations Innovation conference held in April 2015. Bringing together investors, academics, technopreneurs and business leaders from around the world, the conference pinpointed how smart technology would play a role in driving Singapore into the future. Key areas covered included Big Data, IoT devices and connectivity and highlighted Singapore's desired to the world's first Smart Nation. 

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong explained in a speech that the country faces huge competition for technological advancement from China and Sweden in particular, but is confident that it can flourish in the small country.

"Each country will stake out a different niche for itself. But our advantage is that we are compact, we have a single level of government, we can decide efficiently, and scale up successful experiments and pilots without any delay," he said, as reported in an April 24 TechNode article.

"Also we are able to take a long-term view, and see through big transformations to the end, until they bear fruit for citizens."

The Prime Minister also went onto state at Singapore can serve as a testing ground for the new generation of computer scientists and engineers, thanks to the country's modern infrastructure. He noted that if these new technological ideas are successful in Singapore, then there is the possibility to adapt and apply them in other contexts around the globe.

One of the areas that Singapore is making massive gains is the world of software testing.

Singapore - a software testing hotbed

TTC saw the growing technological scene in Singapore and decided to branch out in the region in 2012-2013. Since that point, the expert consultancy team has worked with a number of high-profile clients in the country including those in the banking, financial, insurance, media and government domains. 

As a result of the demand for our Model-Based test automation services, we initially concentrated on this area of software testing. However, after several years of success, it extended our offerings and added the Enterprise Testing Services team. TTC's goal is to continue to respond to the software testing market in Singapore to ensure that we are meeting requirements and doing our bit to ensure the country is the world's first Smart Nation.

One of the ways that we are involved in the community is through the Singapore Testing Forum. We became co-sponsors of the event in 2013 and every few months team up with Tricentis to provide a free event for testing professionals. The main goal in this environment is connect professionals from different companies and industries to ensure productive discussions about software testing best practices and ideas.

We are proud of our efforts in this forum and hope to continue this for the foreseeable future. 

What else do we offer in Singapore?

Depending on your business requirements, we are able to offer a number of different solutions to real-world testing problems. There is never one solution to issues, so we pride ourselves on working closely with the business to ensure a positive outcome.

As such, we can provide packaged offerings for test strategies, training and education opportunities and bespoke consultancy.

To learn more about our commitment to technology in Singapore, get in touch with us today.