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Do you require a Testing Strategy Health Check?

There is no doubt that IT projects are complex and as such are influenced by a number of parameters. These aspects all play a key role in whether the entire project is a success or not.

According to KPMG's Project Management Survey Report 2013, just 35 per cent of projects were consistently delivering stated deliverables, while merely a third (33 per cent) were consistently on budget. However, in a more startling statistic, just 29 per cent of projects were being delivered on time.

These are all issues that can severely delay or even derail a project or testing strategy so early identification is key. It is interesting to add that since considerable time and effort has gone into the testing strategy, it might pay to get a fresh set of eyes on the task.

TTC offers a Software Testing 'health check' which can provide an independent assurance to the business itself and stakeholders. When expectations and deliverables aren't being met, it can sometimes be a positive move to take a step back and get a professional outfit to ensure that the strategy is capable of delivering the needs of your organisation.

Applications of a Health Check

There are many applications of TTC health check for your testing strategy, and given each application is quite different so it is important to talk to our consulting team who can lead you towards a solution that is right for your organisation. It could be a mix of more than one depending on the strategy so feel free to contact us with any questions.

SDS Workshop

One of the key parts of TTC's health check package is the SDS Workshop. Bringing together the key members of the testing strategy, this workshop would be led by one of our most experienced consultants.  Taking place after in-depth conversations with all parties of the business and key stakeholders, the workshop is designed to finalise the new strategy that TTC has developed. It is important that the solution is the right fit for the context of the organisation and any goals or projections moving forward.

What happens after the health check?

The role of TTC doesn't finish at the end of the health check. Our consultants are willing and able to help with the implementation of the solution ensuring that the solution(s) have been installed properly and any final issues can be swiftly dealt with.

Benefits of a health check

  • Reduced budget spend

When issues are being encountered in a testing strategy, it is common for businesses to throw money at the problem to solve it. However, this often just creates more problems.

By removing the emotions of the situation and working alongside The Testing Consultancy, it's possible to discover new, cheaper solutions that can have a massive impact on the project's future.

  • Facilitate different opinions

Disconnection between stakeholders and businesses form because both parties are essentially working towards different goals. However, for the testing strategy to be successful, conversations need to be open and honest - something that The Testing Consultancy can facilitate.

By engaging both parties equally, we can develop a solution that works for both stakeholders and businesses for the better. 

For more information about how your business can benefit from a Software Testing Health Check or to get started, contact our expert consultancy team today.