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We believe there is now a real opportunity - through better thinking, practices and technology - to drive real savings and efficiencies into IT programmes. 

More Efficient Test Automation

We all recognise that test automation provides significant cost advantages over manual testing, but we believe this will become the norm, not the exception. With modern test automation methods, organisations can now increase their test automation coverage from current 15-25% to 75-95% overall risk coverage. Testing of existing/new applications can be performed more efficiently, and often at a significantly lower cost, using appropriate test automation tools and renewable assets. We even have a process for migrating OpenSource and proprietary automation scripts (even those particularly difficult “scripted” frameworks!) into next generation, model based test automation which will help drive down the overall cost of delivery.

Test Automation at the API Level

Current test automation strategies are largely focused at the GUI level, but the trend we see shifting focus more and more to the API level. This mirrors development strategies, but also tests the automation technologies available to test at the API level as a business testing function. Already companies focused on mobile, and web enabled applications are finding consciously or unconsciously that API level test automation is becoming the norm.

Cloud-Based Systems Testing

We believe that testing has huge potential in cloud computing, whether it’s testing applications on the cloud, in the cloud or testing the cloud.  The bottom line is that all firms have to be cloud-ready, and many aren’t.

Mobile Platform Testing

Many organisations are experiencing a significant increase in the need for mobile testing. Mobile application testing has gained heightened importance in functional testing, security testing, performance testing, usability testing, regression testing and compatibility testing, and we believe that specialised mobile testing functions will be a trend which will gather speed in the future.

Big Data Testing

The volume of data we accumulate and consume is ever increasing. We believe Big Data related applications and solutions are set to become a significant area of testing.

The Continued Need for Better Agile Testing Approaches

The Agile continuous improvement philosophy expects software testing to be the cornerstone of agile software development methodologies but unfortunately testing didn’t take prominence until lately. Every one of the four Agile values hinges on team work and collaboration for values delivery.

This then recreates the stage for testing where customers and not the testers decide the quality criteria for a product. In other words, testing helps the customers to translate and convey what is valuable in iterations so that the development team can deliver according to expectation.

The translation and conveyance for customers are better achieved with Agile testing approaches that allow automation testing to deliver the continuous integration business values while manual exploratory and usability testing.

The need for further Investment in Test Environment Management

While it is great to talk about many new and exciting test delivery methods (e.g. API test automation), this is all academic if you do not have solid test environment management strategy and controls in place. We see that many firms struggle with the challenge of operating and maintaining multiple test environments.  Too often test activity is disrupted through environment that are unavailable or unsuitable for the job at hand.  And to compound matters, support for these critical test environments is often in the hands of teams that don’t see testing continuity as a priority. 

We believe that improving test environment availability starts with the right people who understand the fast paced dynamic of test environment management.  Release management, data management, technical support, tooling for repeated success; TTC is able to offer a practical and pragmatic insight into improving your delivery outcomes through test environment management.

Service Virtualisation

With the rise of DevOps, Agile methods, integrated test automation and the need for high utilisation test environments – the role of service virtualisation really kicks in. This is a key enabler to keeping the promise of high uptime test environments. All test environment managers know it is a bold statement to say their testing environments will always be up knowing the nodes and applications are subject to constant change, downtime and multi-user use. Service virtualisation is the enabler to help manage this change yet allow testers to continue with their end-to-end test delivery while key nodes and applications are changed, dropped, removed and otherwise made unavailable.  


TTC has built a team with significant experience which is well positioned to assist customers with their journey into these areas. We welcome a discussion to this end, so please contact us to discuss further..