Test Environment Management

TTC helps businesses make the most of their testing through bringing a practical, proven approach to managing non-production environments.  Our team is passionate about working with innovative companies to improve environment management to help our clients achieve effective and repeatable success stories.

Why are non-production environments so important to testing?

If there is one ingredient that is key to software testing success, it's the availability of a suitable platform on which to actually perform the testing. 

TTC understands the value of non-production environments, as a key enabler for reliable service delivery and providing critical protection to production systems.  These environments safeguard the user experience in an increasingly online world and must keep pace with the demands of rapid service delivery cycles despite increasing systems complexity. 

Non-production environments are fundamentally different from production environments, in which software is typically operated. In these testing systems, all other variables in the equations are eliminated, providing testers with a clean slate on which to tweak and experiment with the product.

As such, a non-production environment is one in which testers want to constantly change, keep highly dynamic and handle breakages. Software can be rigorously tested without the fear of creating repercussions in a production system and affecting everyone across the organisation.

From trying out minor iterations to stress testing at high volume to assess whether it can handle business growth, there are few things a tester can't throw at a non-production environment. And with the ability to set up and tear down environments quickly and effortlessly, it represents the most ideal way to perform software testing.

Working in non-production environments, however, does come with its inherent challenges - and TTC is committed to helping businesses manage and ultimately avoid these obstacles. With years of experience in building and managing these environments for clients, The Testing Consultancy can help any organisation to optimise, utilise and mobilise its testing capability.

The challenges of working with non-production environments

By definition, a non-production environment is one in which volatility is welcomed, not shunned. Breakages and deviations are encouraged, and are in fact necessary to test and explore software to its full limits.

While this free rein is certainly beneficial, there are particular risks that are part and parcel of working in such an environment. TTC's expert technicians are well-versed in the ins and outs of non-production environments, allowing them to  help organisations work optimally in these systems to achieve the best results in testing and service delivery.

Complex management

With a whole lot more scope and flexibility than standard business IT environments, non-production environments require significantly more effort and experience to manage effectively.  Often the responsibility is passed to production oriented support teams.  TTC has dedicated non-production professionals who are totally focused on the environments they manage.  You get the supportive care and agility your testers require while the team works collaboratively with your organisation to ensure the quality your customers expect.

Non-production environments are not restricted by the need to carefully control and monitor each change - however, there can be a lot of work that goes into testing, given the wide range of users and devices often involved. On top of this application monitoring, configuration and data management, operations support, release management, continuous delivery and licencing requirements need to be considered.

Thanks to a vast wealth of knowledge and experience working in non-production environments, TTC can act as a trusted advisor to any organisation looking to test their software. Our experts can guide businesses through the complex steps involved in working in these environments, breaking it down and making it much more accessible and manageable.

High costs

Given the need to save costs wherever possible, organisations are constantly looking for ways to streamline their software testing efforts. The reality is that, if not managed well, testing in a non-production environment can be an expensive undertaking.

Testers are often required to build a complete copy of their usual production environment, and this can cause costs to quickly escalate - sometimes even doubling.

Businesses don't have to go it alone, however, and working with an expert such as TTC can help bring these expenses down and make software testing a much more cost-efficient affair. We take a look at each business's non-production environments and their processes, identifying areas where costs can be reduced and efficiency improved. 

What TTC offers.

TTC offers its clients a range of important capabilities aimed at improving non-production environment testing results.

The core of our solutions is centred around our professional staff, who have extensive experience in establishing and managing non-production environments. With this valuable knowledge and expertise, we can answer any questions businesses may have about software testing best practices.

We also provide a range of valuable resources - such as facilities in which our clients can test their software in a non-production setting. TTC has the capability to host remote systems and run server, network and other virtual environments. 

We can facilitate non-production environments for client devices as well as host client-side non-production environments. This is especially critical for businesses that have to produce a mobile-optimised website, for example, taking into account literally thousands of combinations of devices that could be viewing the website. With stringent testing procedures in place, organisations can ensure a good customer experience.

With this broad scope of expertise, there are few non-production testing settings in which TTC can't play a role in supporting clients.

Non-production environments, while essential to effective software testing, can be difficult for even experienced organisations to master. Your business doesn't have to do it by itself, however, and TTC can offer valuable advice, guidance and resources along the way.

To find out more about how TTC can help your organisation optimise its non-production environment capability, get in touch with us today.