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TTC believes that for many sizeable firms, significant benefits and efficiencies can be derived from the effective utilisation of Test Automation. TTC's teams in both Asia and New Zealand have significant experience in working across an array of technologies and are well placed to provide 'fit for purpose' solutions for organisations across an array of technologies and industries. TTC is passionate about this area, and believes that the experience we've gained over the years in working with some of the region’s largest firms puts TTC in a unique position to advise on the automation needs of today, and well into the future.

One thing of which TTC is certain: that change is the new norm. Everywhere we look technology is revolutionising lives. While it can be hard to pinpoint exactly where this change is going to come from, TTC consultants spend time with your teams seeking to understand your organisations core business, how this is likely to change going forward and anticipate and position your testing effort to  target  and meet these changes head on.

Software technology is changing rapidly itself - the way it's produced and project managed are fundamentally different and businesses who aren't up to date will be left behind, and this includes test management technologies and manual scripting approaches. TTC has seen first-hand the problems that can develop by using legacy infrastructure and has the insight and experience to ensure these pitfalls are avoided.

Challenges of using older generation technology in today's software environment:

1) Increased cost

There is no doubt that software testing at the best of times isn't a cheap exercise. However, the budget can be blown even wider when businesses attempt to use older test management tools.

Processes often take longer to finish and the testing itself can fail to pick up basic problems. This then extends the testing timeframe and essentially adds further stress to the entire project.

2) Missed defects

Although legacy test management tools were good in their day, they simply aren't up to the standard of technology today. Manually written procedures have given way to other testing processes, such as models of data, functional objects and business process models. As such, organisations will struggle to pick up all the small problems before implementation as the systems are now vastly different to previous versions.

3) Limited design

Software design has moved forward in leaps and bounds in recent years and the scale and scope of projects is simply amazing. However, it is important to note that businesses using legacy test management tools won't be able to gain the fruits of their labour as much as their industry counterparts.

Their overall software design will be rather limited, reducing the potential benefits of any output. As so many man hours and revenue often go into software projects, this could be deemed a waste of time and money.

Once again, TTC can assist your quest to improve your test processes for the better.

4) Integration problems

If businesses are using older test management tools, there is  a need to fold these applications and systems into new architectures. This is a move to be congratulated and is a positive step towards the future. However, it will need to be done in a way that caters for both the old and the new technology.

TTC's expert team is equipped to handle the pressures of this job and can create a system using both legacy and current test management tools to fit the expectations and requirements of the project at hand.

5) Lacking skills

As well as the software itself changing in recent years, the skills required by testers have also moved through a period of transition. If a business is bringing in new test management tools, testers will need to undertake industry-standard training to ensure that they can use them properly.

As such, TTC has a wide range of training opportunities available to bring your skills up to scratch. Regardless of whether you are a software testing rookie or someone with years of experience, we have a training course to suit.

For more information about our available services, contact the expert team at The Testing Consultancy today.

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