Performance Testing

Most companies experience performance issues with their software solutions, and we all know how hard customers are to find and retain. TTC works with you to protect these relationships and your brand’s reputation by ensuring your systems are responsive, stable, and ready for whatever is thrown at them.  Performance Testing services include:

Performance risk assessment and strategy: To understand where your performance risk lies we analyse the architecture, infrastructure, business process, and complete workload modelling to highlight the areas of highest risk. We then build a strategy to manage that risk appropriately, focusing on the areas of highest risk first.

Performance testing and analysis services: Building and executing load testing suites, analysing and reporting results. We cater for one-off or on-going engagements and can adapt to your development lifecycle.

Non-testing performance consulting: Exploring other avenues to mitigate performance risk when load testing is not possible or cost effective.

Issue diagnosis and production troubleshooting: Identifying the root cause of performance bottlenecks through monitoring and analysing server and application metrics.

Mentoring and training, process review: Improving your internal performance testing capability through peer review of approach and process, hands on mentoring, and customised training sessions.

For an independent approach to managing your performance risk please reach out to Colleen Meads for a confidential discussion. We have a proven track record of working with New Zealand customers to deliver this and have made a name for ourselves for helping our customers get their performance testing right first time.