Blockchain Test Solutions

We have experience in working with organisations to execute the business process changes that are required for Blockchain technologies and solutions. Working with a number of global Fintech Accelerators across many industries, we create value-based outcomes for the introduction of this technology.

The adoption of Blockchain typically involves 80% process change and 20% technology change. Our significant expertise in defining operating models, process engineering, technology delivery, change management and big data all contribute to the advice and direction we provide for Blockchain.

Our Blockchain service:

1. Development of Blockchain Use Case
We take a business and product-centric view to develop use cases that incorporate the customer, regulation, technology, data and process triggers.

2. Proof of Concept (POC)
Identification of data sources, appropriate metrics and advanced technology components required to deliver a POC that validates the solutions required. Delivery of POC thereafter on TTC’s or your infrastructure.

3. Blockchain Proposal
A proposal will be delivered on how Blockchain can best be used strategically within your organisation. This will be based on the knowledge and experience we have of operating models and business integration, coupled with our knowledge of your unique business. 

4. Programme Delivery
End-to-end programme delivery of business, data and technical architecture that underpins the Blockchain capability.   

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