Agile Testing and Consulting

Our Agile Consulting Practice helps organizations through the process of adopting and becoming Agile. We introduce proven and trusted Agile technical practices to organisations in a manner that motivates people to want to adopt, transform and scale their business with Agile Development methodologies. 

“ of the key ways to improve project performance was to implement short delivery cycles and conduct rigorous quality checks.” MacKinsey and Company, 2012

Given the pace at which the world is moving, the lean nature of project teams and the downward pressure on project budgets, technology teams have never been under more pressure to identify and resolve problems effectively, in real time, collaboratively. 

What is agile testing?

In stark contrast to the more traditional waterfall methodology, agile testing is based around the project management principles of collaboration, transparency and communication. Developing a new product or program takes an entire team working within the agile testing framework to ensure the best outcome for all parties.

With the support of our team of Agile experts, organisations are able to bring their development programs or products to the collaborative table and be assured that applying an agile 'state of thinking' eliminate any bugs or performance issues before their software is released to the wider market.

Agile is often referred to as an "unstructured" way to work due to the fact that changes can occur every time the team meets. However we prefer the phrase "focused", as it incorporates the entire team's thoughts to create one cohesive and ultimately successful project.

So how do we apply this?

From the outset we ask lots of questions across the organisation, seeking to understand your landscape: Its goals and aspirations, as well as its bottlenecks, challenges, limitations and risks. Once we’ve gained a solid insight into your business, we’ll work with you to plan, implement and then scale, where appropriate, your Agile adoption in an adaptive and pragmatic manner so risks are either reduced or removed completely.

Thereafter, we’d seek to help facilitate the delivery of projects and business values, and also empower your teams with the techniques and tools needed to continue evolving well into the future.

Our team will support you to:

  • See Agile as an attitude and not a rule
  • Deliver business values transparently so risks are eliminated
  • Grow and disperse within projects happy and empowered Agile minded employees
  • Facilitate team collaboration using direct communication
  • Sustain your long-term organisational success and goal
  • Increase time to market and encourage continuous deliver

Our Agile practice also works alongside various organisations to ensure they are working in an agile framework. As such, we can provide mentoring, coaching, scrum master roles and consultancy. 

 Effective Test Automation in an agile world:

"Tosca TestSuite should be considered by enterprises that have struggled to make test automation work and those seeking to support agile continuous automation practices". 

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