TTC is an independent QA and Test consulting company which brings intelligent, pragmatic and robust testing solutions to organisations across the Asia Pac, European and US regions. The company was founded in 2004 with a vision to create a niche testing practice which was highly specialized, focused on 'fit for purpose' solutions and processes. 

Fast forward almost 15 years, the company has grown considerably and now sees the company operate in almost all corners of the globe. Important and high profile projects are inflight across New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Hungary, Sweden, Switzerland and the US. Furthermore, TTC was recognised on a global stage as:

  • Best Global Implementation: Tricentis Tosca, 2017
  • Best AsiaPac Services Partner: Tricentis Tosca 2016, 2017

TTC recognises the rapid degree of change its customers are faced with and continues to build competency in critical areas to meet these challenges.