We’re not happy with your software testing programme until you achieve the outcomes we’ve jointly agreed from the outset. All of our efforts are focused on providing you with smart and pragmatic QA and testing solutions which meet your goals and which ultimately result in better business outcomes. Attractive ROI, higher risk coverage, a better deployed workforce, more efficient technology programmes.

You define what you need to achieve from your software testing programme, and we stay on task until we get there.

Whatever your priorities, we seek to jointly ‘own’ your software testing effort and look to work closely with you to improve its performance no matter how significant. TTC has a track record, built up over many years of test consulting, of achieving these for some of the regions highest profile companies.

Benefits of working with The Testing Consultancy

Establishing quality initiatives and programmes that deliver tangible returns for your organisation is our objective at every turn.

Niche experience, better quality outcomes

Our collective expertise pool of highly trained testing professionals is significant. Furthermore, TTC has access to some of the regions leading trainers and thought leaders which can provide significant advisory and implementation advantages. This expertise also comes with our added ability to bring the best technology solutions for your organization.

Faster Deployment

This experience, thought leadership and technology combination brings additional benefits – faster deployment. We seek to adapt proven quality templates/frameworks and processes to your specific business requirements which reduces the room for error in both planning and implementation phases. Ultimately this facilitates faster, more efficient deployment.

Independence and objectivity

Having experience across numerous settings and circumstances, TTC brings an independent viewpoint and objectivity to proceedings. With change comes resistance, even with the most positive of change, and TTC is skilled in managing this change from planning through implementation stages. TTC consultants help facilitate conversations where all relevant stakeholders’ questions, concerns, and objections are welcomed, addressed and resolved to achieve positive outcomes. We work with you to model a process where all stakeholders are aligned, see value in this change and collaborate to establish project goals which align with business goals.

Cost and time savings

By taking advantage of our local resources and global partnerships, your business can enjoy a faster time to market and a reduced cost of ownership. QA/Software testing can be a costly exercise if resources are used inefficiently and poorly optimisated. TTC is experienced in streamlining testing tools and processes to enhance the entire programme.

Risk mitigation

TTC conducts a structured, consistent and continuous risk management process throughout each step of the project journey. TTC consultants bring a high degree of rigour to proceedings, and possess proven processes to help you identify and assess risk, and develop specific mitigation strategies to manage this risk appropriately. Further to this, TTC focuses on introducing a ‘risk aware’ culture to your teams ensuring that best practices are apart of their DNA long after TTC’s engagement has ceased.


You have the opportunity to choose whether you engage on a full time basis, outsourced, as-needed or a hybrid thereof. This provides you with great flexibility to choose the option which best works for your situation.

TTC has been providing test consulting services for more than a decade and has the reach, scale, depth and understanding to manage enterprise engagement or one off projects.