Working with TTC

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We know that one size does not fit all. Our consultative operating model means we partner with you, tailoring software testing methods to best suit your individual organisational requirements. We know that effective, targeted and streamlined testing reduces risk while providing real savings. And that delivering the right solution at the committed time provides real confidence across your organisation and for your stakeholders. So we make it our business to help you embrace change within your organisation to engineer a quality practice that delivers strong business outcomes.

Extensive experience delivering quality outcomes
Our collective expertise, proven software testing strategies and pool of highly trained testing professionals is significant. Furthermore, our extended network includes some of the world’s top trainers and thought leaders who can provide significant advisory and implementation advantages.

Fast deployment
The combination of our experience and technology brings the additional benefit of speed. We seek to adapt proven quality templates, frameworks and processes for your organisation to reduce margins for error in both planning and implementation.

Independence and objectivity
We bring an independent and objective viewpoint to the table. With change often comes resistance – we have vast experience in navigating these waters with a wide variety of different organisations, from planning through to implementation. We will facilitate conversations with stakeholders, manage questions, concerns and objections. We work collaboratively to model a process where stakeholders can see the value and project and business goals are aligned.

Cost and time savings
Quality assurance and software testing can be a costly exercise if resources are not used effectively. We are experienced in streamlining testing tools and processes to enhance the entire programme, enabling faster time to market and reduced cost of ownership.

Risk mitigation
We conduct a structured, consistent and continuous risk management process throughout each step of the project. Our proven processes bring a high degree of rigour in the identification and assessment of risk, and our experienced consultants will work with you to develop strategies to manage risk effectively. Through the process we will introduce a ‘risk aware’ culture to your teams, ensuring best practices are part of their DNA moving forward into the future.

You can choose the engagement model that best suits your needs, whether it be full time, outsourced, as needed or a hybrid.

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