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Grant Borrie

Executive Director

+64 21 802 152
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After a decade of software testing experience in the UK and NZ, Grant launched TTC in 2004. His goal in starting TTC was to build a firm where smart, ambitious and talented people could gather, grow and learn together, always with the goal of delivering great outcomes for customers. Grant's vision for TTC is to be a place that recognizes ability and potential, not just experience and history. Hearing good news stories from customers is something that make Grant incredibly proud; invariably these stories are generated by brilliant people who approach problems full of enthusiasm with an open mind and agenda.

Grant passionately believes in ‘NZ Inc’ – that it can be even better than it is today and take on the world, and that in order to achieve this, great quality control will play a huge part. "IT is the biggest driver for change of our time, and with strong quality processes, technology and talent in place, I believe the sky is the limit!"

"TTC is a forward thinking company with great people driving us into the future - right now. I’m thrilled customers in NZ, the US and Asia recognize and value the work we do and we look forward to partnering and supporting like minded organisations for years to come."