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Chris Rolls

North America, CEO and Executive Director

+1 346 413 1813
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Chris has a real passion for working in IT, with a particular fondness for testing. His passion comes from his belief that not only is IT is the biggest driver for change of our time, but that quality is central to truly harnessing Information Technology. Chris sees software testing as being a true partner to the business and an integral part of the software development life cycle, providing timely and constructive feedback to the rest of the development team. "Gone are the days where testing is a manual repetitive process and where testing is viewed as the 'quality gatekeeper who holds up progress'. This is not what we’re about, and I’d run a mile if it were."

"Our reality is that we don’t sit back and do the same old things. We seek to innovate at every turn, to embrace change and try new things. I love that TTC attracts people like this, those who are willing to think outside the box and drive change."

"Test Automation is my passion and we’ve assembled a talented, diverse and experienced team who help important clients achieve significant benefits (of test automation), often far in excess of what they were expecting in the first case."