QA & Software Testing Company

In this age of digital disruption, it is important to embrace change so that the software you develop keeps pace with the changes of tomorrow. We work with you to understand your organisation's current and foreseeable challenges, developing quality solutions that not only address these issues, but also enhance your existing processes and systems.  

The modern world runs on software. Businesses and consumers are increasingly software-dependent and operating in an environment that is reliant on automated systems and processes. Organisations realizing the greatest success are those that can release high-quality software at speed to keep up with the demands of today and the changes of tomorrow.

The Testing Consultancy (TTC) is a global specialist software testing company with a focus on helping organisations transform the way they deliver quality software. We have broad capabilities across a wide range of testing areas that enable our clients to increase the speed and quality of software development while reducing risk and cost. Find out more about what we do

Global capability tailored for local needs
As an organisation operating in multiple locations around the world, we have significant learnings and capability that we ensure is shared across our global team. This means, we continually upskill and adapt with the industry as it evolves around the globe, but always tailoring our solutions to meet the specific needs of the local market.

We have offices in Auckland and Wellington, Singapore and Houston, but we also work with organisations in many locations around the world. Read more about TTC. 

If you'd like to see your organisation thrive in the age of digital disruption, touch base with our leadership team to discuss how we can bring this to life.

Paul Whiston, Group CEO, New Zealand

Colleen Meads, GM - Wellington, New Zealand

Steve Maroun, General Manager, Asia (Singapore)

Chris Rolls, Executive Director, North America