About Us

In this age of digital disruption, quality software can be a real competitive advantage, if you can keep pace.  TTC works with organizations to help manage this change and disruption. 

The Testing Consultancy (TTC) is a niche software testing practice, experienced in working with companies who appreciate the benefit quality software can bring to an enterprise. Imagine being able to release quality software at speed allowing you to keep pace in a world where change is the new norm? Powerful, and now necessary.

Uber managed to disrupt the taxi industry with no cars and Air BNB disrupted the hotel industry without owning real estate. And then theres Amazon, and Netflix, and Facebook.

Software can and is disrupting industries and traditional barriers to entry are being torn down..

TTC are specialists in software testing and appreciate that one size does not fit all. We take the time to listen, understand, and respond to your specific software quality and testing goals and challenges. We work with you to provide confidence in your changing landscape, whether this is, for example,  the performance and security of your website or improving your test efficiency through automation. We consult to 'tier one'  firms in the oil and gas sector (US), financials (Singapore & US) and various telco's, government departments and utilities companies (New Zealand) to deliver these ‘peace of mind‘ solutions.  

If you'd like to see your organization thrive in the age of digital disruption, get in touch with our leadership team to discuss how we can bring this to life:

Paul Whiston, Group CEO, New Zealand

Colleen Meads, GM - Wellington, New Zealand

Steve Maroun, General Manager, Asia (Singapore)

Chris Rolls, Executive Director, North America